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Dynco Academy is the free training program, composed by a cycle of conferences and workshops, that was born from the needs of our clients to receive a proper training on how to use the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

In a sector characterized by a constant and a quick change of technologies, applications and regulations, Dynco Academy offers a comprehensive offering of free conferences and workshops that helps you to improve your proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics products and discover all their potentialities you can benefit from, should you be considering to replace your actual corporate information system.

The Academy gets you into contact with consultants and developers with a long-standing experience with clients all over the world, and to remain always up to date in terms of regulations, applications and technologies.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals that manage business processes and want to improve their knowledge on the subject: IT Managers, Project Managers, Controllers, Financial Managers and Buyers
  • IT consultants
  • Young graduates who wish to enrich their professional curriculum
  • Consolidated implementation models
  • Multi-company and consolidated financial statements issue management
  • Direct experience in training on Microsoft Dynamics NAV for foreign personnel
    Companies who’d like to consider a change in their information system


  • The goal of the Academy is to present and illustrate the features and characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics products, highlighting the functional and technical innovations introduced in the latest versions and the business opportunities that these solutions offer, including their benefits and advantages..


  • See the course description for requirements


  • The detailed agenda of workshops and conferences will be published later

Seminars Calendar

Topics are dealt from a purely consultative and technical point of view and range from the latest product innovations to issues such as Management Control and the management of fiscal and civil law peculiarities of the Italian taxation.

DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-00  Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-01 Basic course in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-02 Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-03 Management Control in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-04 Purchases and Sales in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-05 Stock Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-06 Costing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-07 Production in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
DYNCO Academy NAV-2013-08 Logistics con Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is a corporate management product that provides growing small and medium businesses (SMB) with a powerful yet convenient and flexible solution that can be customised according to the specific needs of the business and the sector.

If you are an entrepreneur who’s considering to change your Information System, an advanced Microsoft Dynamics NAV user or a recent graduate getting into the business world, then you can attend our workshops for free!

  • No registration costs
  • No wasted time for useless introductions to show how good we are

During the day, the main characteristics and news of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be highlighted.